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Carbon Mountain Bike Twitter Leopard Pro Shimano 12 Speed 27.5
Carbon Mountain Bike Twitter Leopard Pro Shimano 12 Speed 27.5
Carbon Super Lightweight Hardtail Mountain Bike Twitter Leopard Pro Shimano 12 Speed 27.5
Carbon Mountain Bike Twitter Leopard Pro Shimano 12 Speed 27.5
Carbon Mountain Bike Twitter Leopard Pro Shimano 12 Speed 27.5
Carbon Mountain Bike Twitter Leopard Pro Shimano 12 Speed 27.5
Carbon Mountain Bike Twitter Leopard Pro Shimano 12 Speed 27.5
Carbon Mountain Bike Twitter Leopard Pro Shimano 12 Speed 27.5
Carbon Mountain Bike Twitter Leopard Pro Shimano 12 Speed 27.5

Carbon Super Lightweight Hardtail Mountain Bike Twitter Leopard Pro Shimano 12 Speed 27.5" Wheels

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High-modulus carbon fiber mountain bike 
Inner cable frame for a clean look 
Shimano Deore derailleur
27.5" wheel diameter optional 


Wheel Size

  • 27.5"

Frame Height

  • 27.5×15" / 17"

Mountain Bike Sizing Guide

  • 5'1" - 5'7" 

  • 5'5" - 5'10" M 

Bike Color

  • Red / Dark Gray / Blue / Yellow / Orange / Black Red / Black Silver / White Red, Holographic color(Red / Black / Yellow)

Net Weight

  • 11.8 kg / 26 lb


  • LEOPARDpro, High modulus Carbon fiber, EPS, Inner-Cable, Gloss paint, UV laser decals

Handlebar sets

  • TW Alu alloy, Matte with Laser-logo, Handlebar 31.8×700, Stem 90mm, Seat post 31.6×350mm


  • TW MgAl alloy,
  • Air suspension
  • Remote
  • Travel 100mm
  • Boost 110mm
  • Tapered tube 39.8*28.6*230mm 34mm inner tube 15mm
  • Thru Axle Rebound damping
  • Adjustable reflective stickers
  • Net Weight 1.88kg

Handle lever


  • Carbon 3K 3×28.6×10mm

Front Derailleur

  • None

Rear Derailleur


  • Alu alloy, Hollow,34T


  • SUNSHINE-12S, 11-50T


  • YBN-12S


  • ZOOM  hydraulic brake+HS1 disc 160/160


  • RS Alu alloy,4-sealed Bearings, Slotted, Disc, 32Holes


  • RS Alu alloy, Double wall with rivets, W24×H19mm


  • SHUNJIU, Circular 14G, Bend head


  • KENDA-K1187(or INNOVA black), 27.5×1.95"

Tire kenda K1187


  • TW circular 22.2×130mm with locking ring, Comfortable


  • TW Comfortable and Lightweight for MTB


  • GY Alu alloy with lubricating for MTB


  • JAGWIRE, Internal cables, External cables

We do our best to keep all the information published here as updated as possible, however, some accessories and parts illustrated here may change and be replaced by others of similar quality.


Helping to better understand these specs:

Here is a breakdown of what each specification means:

  • Frame: The LEOPARDpro frame is constructed using high-modulus carbon fiber. This material offers high strength and stiffness while keeping the weight of the frame low. The frame features internal cable routing, providing a clean and sleek look. It is finished with a glossy paint coat and adorned with UV laser decals.

  • Handlebar Sets: The handlebar sets are made of aluminum alloy and have a matte finish with a laser-logo design. The handlebar has a diameter of 31.8mm and measures 700mm in width. The stem length is 90mm, and the seat post diameter is 31.6mm.

  • Fork: The TW fork is made of magnesium aluminum alloy (MgAl) and features air suspension. It has a remote lockout and offers 100mm of travel. The fork is designed for 27.5" wheels and has a tapered tube with dimensions of 39.8x28.6x230mm. It has a 34mm inner tube, 15mm thru axle, and rebound damping adjustment. Reflective stickers on the fork add visibility, and the fork's net weight is 1.88kg.

  • Handle lever: The handle lever is from the SHIMANO DEORE M6100 series. SHIMANO DEORE components are known for their reliable performance and smooth shifting.

  • Washer: The washer is made of carbon fiber with a 3K weave pattern and measures 3x28.6x10mm. It acts as a spacer, providing a proper fit and alignment between components such as the stem and the fork.

  • Front Derailleur: The bike does not come with a front derailleur, indicating it is designed as a 1x drivetrain setup with a single chainring.

  • Rear Derailleur: The rear derailleur is from the SHIMANO DEORE M6100 series. This derailleur offers precise and reliable shifting performance.

  • Cranksets: The cranksets are made of aluminum alloy with a hollow design. They have a 34T chainring, providing a suitable gear ratio for mountain biking.

  • Cassette: The SUNSHINE 12S cassette offers a wide range of gear options with an 11-50T configuration. This range allows for easy pedaling on steep climbs and high-speed descents.

  • Chain: The chain is from the YBN 12S series. It is designed specifically for use with 12-speed drivetrains, ensuring smooth and reliable power transfer.

  • Brake: The bike is equipped with ZOOM hydraulic brakes and HS1 disc rotors with a diameter of 160mm for both the front and rear wheels. This setup provides reliable and responsive braking performance.

  • Hubs: The hubs are from the RS brand and are made of aluminum alloy. They feature four sealed bearings and are designed for disc brakes. The hubs provide 32 spoke holes for attaching the spokes.

  • Rim: The rims are from the RS brand and are made of aluminum alloy. They have a double-wall construction with rivets for added strength. The dimensions are W24xH19mm.

  • Spoke: The spokes are from the SHUNJIU brand and have a circular 14G (gauge) thickness. They feature a bend head design for proper attachment to the rims and hubs.

  • Tire: The bike is equipped with KENDA K1187 (or INNOVA black) tires, which have a size of 27.5x1.95". These tires provide a good balance of grip and rolling efficiency for off-road riding.

  • Grips: The TW brand circular grips have a diameter of 22.2mm and measure 130mm in length. They feature a locking ring design for a secure grip and added comfort.

  • Saddle: The TW saddle is designed specifically for mountain biking. It is comfortable and lightweight, providing support and comfort during long rides.

  • Pedals: The pedals are from the GY brand and are made of aluminum alloy. They are designed for mountain biking and feature lubrication for smooth rotation.

  • Cables: The bike utilizes JAGWIRE cables for both internal and external routing. JAGWIRE is known for producing high-quality cables that offer smooth shifting and reliable performance.

Please note that while we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, specifications and component availability may vary over time.


Warranty Terms:

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Gisselle Runolfsdottir

Carbon Mountain Bike Twitter Leopard Pro Shimano 12 Speed 27.5" Wheels

Kailee Hackett

Carbon Mountain Bike Twitter Leopard Pro Shimano 12 Speed 27.5" Wheels

Denin Hauer
Stunning bike!

The bikes are amazing and very affordable. Carbon fiber at the price of aluminum frame. Super light and well built, the bike is totally worth it. 🥰