Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake
Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake

Carbon Gravel Bike - Flat Bar - 22 Speed - 700C- Hydr. Disc Brake

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High-modulus carbon fiber material 
Off-road 700 * 40C wheel diameter 
EPS Technology 
Internal cables 

Wheel Size
  • 700C

Frame Height 

  • 45cm X-Small
  • 48cm Small
  • 51cm Medium
  • 54cm Large

Gravel Bike Sizing Guide

  • 5'0" - 5'5" XS 

  • 5'4" - 5'8" 

  • 5'7" - 5'11 M

  • 5'11" - 6'3" L

Bike Color 

  • Red / Black / BlackRed / BlackSilver / BlackYellow / Dark Metallic Gray / CementGray / Blue / Yellow, Holographic colors (Black / Silver / Black / Yellow)

Net Weight

  • ≈9.7 kg / 21.4 lb


  • GRAVEL (disc & thru-axle), high modulus Carbon Fiber, XC, EPS, 700*40C, Inner-Cable, Gloss, UV colorful decals

Handlebar sets

  • TW, Alu alloy, Matte, Handlebar 31.8×700, Stem 80, Seat post 31.6×350mm


  • GRAVEL, High modulus Carbon Fiber,700C, UV decals, disc & thru-axle 12×100mm

Handle Lever

  • (LTWOO)-22S or 
  • SENSAH 22S (for the Dark Metalic Gray)

Front Derailleur

  • (LTWOO) or
  •  SENSAH (for the Dark Metalic Gray)

Rear Derailleur

  • (LTWOO)-2*11S or 
  • SENSAH 2*11S (for the Dark Metallic Gray)


  • RS, Alu alloy, Hollow, 34-50T  (for the  Dark Metallic Gray)
  • PROWHEEL, Alu alloy, Hollow, 34-50T


  • SUGEK-11S, 11-30T (for the  Dark Metallic Gray)
  • SUNSHINE-11S, 11-30T

Bottom Bracket

  • Hollow BB92×41×24mm, pressed


  • YBN-11S
  • SUMC-11S (for the Dark Metallic Gray)


  • RS, flat-mount & cable pull Hydraulic +PRO float disc 160/160, FR5 brake lever  (for the  Dark Metalic Gray)
  • RS, flat-mount full Hydralic+P20 disc 160/160mm


  • RS, Alu alloy, 4-sealed Bearings, Slotted, F24*R24 holes, disc & thru-axle F12×100-R12×142mm


  • RS, Alu alloy AL7005, Double wall, Matte, W19×H36mm×700C


  • Circular 14G, bend head


  • INNOVA-PRO STAMPEDE, 700*40C, Skin-color edge  (may vary)

Tire Innova Pro Stampede


  • Woven & Comfortable & Skid resistant


  • TW is comfortable & lightweight


  • GY, Alu alloy with Lightweight & Skid resistant



  We do our best to keep all the information published here as updated as possible, however, some accessories and parts illustrated here may change and be replaced by others of similar quality.


Helping to better understand these specs:

Here's a breakdown of each topic with comments to make it more understandable:

  • Wheel Size: The bike has 700C wheels, which are commonly used on road and gravel bikes.

  • Frame Height: The bike is available in different frame heights, including X-Small (45cm), Small (48cm), Medium (51cm), and Large (54cm). These sizes correspond to the recommended rider heights for a proper fit.

  • Gravel Bike Sizing Guide: The sizing guide suggests the X-Small size is suitable for riders between 5'0" and 5'5", Small for riders between 5'4" and 5'8", Medium for riders between 5'7" and 5'11", and Large for riders between 5'11" and 6'3".

  • Bike Color: The bike is available in various colors such as Red, Black, BlackRed, BlackSilver, BlackYellow, Dark Metallic Gray, Cement Gray, Blue, and Holographic colors (Black, Silver, Black, Yellow).

  • Net Weight: The bike weighs approximately 9.7 kg (21.4 lb), which gives you an idea of its overall weight.

  • Frame: The frame is made of high modulus Carbon Fiber and is specifically designed for gravel riding. It features disc brakes and a thru-axle system. The frame has a glossy finish with colorful UV decals.

  • Handlebar Sets: The bike comes with handlebars made of aluminum alloy with a matte finish. The handlebars have a diameter of 31.8mm and a width of 700mm. The stem length is 80mm, and the seat post diameter is 31.6mm.

  • Fork: The fork is made of high modulus Carbon Fiber and is designed for gravel riding. It has 700C wheel compatibility, disc brake mounts, and a thru-axle system with a diameter of 12mm.

  • Drivetrain Components: The bike offers options for handle levers, front and rear derailleurs, cranksets, cassettes, and chains from brands such as (LTWOO) and SENSAH. These components are responsible for shifting gears and transferring power efficiently.

  • Brake: The bike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes from RS, providing reliable stopping power. The specific model and features may vary based on the color variant.

  • Hubs, Rim, and Spokes: The bike features aluminum alloy hubs with sealed bearings, slotted rims, and circular 14G spokes. These components contribute to the stability and durability of the wheels.

  • Tires: The bike comes with INNOVA-PRO STAMPEDE tires, which have a size of 700*40C. The specific tire model and appearance may vary.

  • Grips, Saddle, Pedals, and Cables: The bike has comfortable and skid-resistant grips, a lightweight saddle from TW, aluminum alloy pedals, and JAGWIRE cables for reliable performance.

These specifications provide an overview of the bike's features and components, allowing you to understand its design and capabilities.


More about SENSAH:

SENSAH is a brand that specializes in the design and manufacturing of bicycle components, particularly drivetrain systems. They offer a range of components such as derailleurs, shifters, and other drivetrain parts. Here's some more information about SENSAH:

  1. Drivetrain Components: SENSAH focuses on producing drivetrain components, including front and rear derailleurs, shifters, cranksets, cassettes, and other related parts. Their components are designed to provide reliable and efficient shifting performance, allowing cyclists to smoothly change gears while riding.

  2. Technology and Innovation: SENSAH incorporates various technologies and innovations into their components to enhance their functionality and performance. They strive to continuously improve their products to meet the demands of modern cycling.

  3. Shifting Performance: SENSAH components are known for their smooth and precise shifting. They aim to deliver quick and accurate gear changes, ensuring a seamless riding experience and optimal power transfer.

  4. Durability and Quality: SENSAH places a strong emphasis on the durability and quality of their components. Their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the demands of different riding conditions and provide long-lasting performance.

  5. Compatibility: SENSAH components are designed to be compatible with various drivetrain systems and standards, allowing riders to easily integrate them into their existing setups. This compatibility makes it easier for cyclists to upgrade or replace individual components without needing to replace the entire drivetrain.

  6. Cost-Effective: SENSAH components are positioned as a cost-effective option compared to some higher-end drivetrain systems on the market. They offer a good balance between performance and affordability, making them a popular choice for cyclists seeking reliable shifting without breaking the bank.

  7. Application Range: SENSAH components cater to a wide range of cycling disciplines, including road cycling, gravel riding, and mountain biking. Whether it's for recreational riding or competitive racing, SENSAH offers components suitable for various cycling needs.

While SENSAH may not have the same brand recognition as some other well-established drivetrain manufacturers, they strive to provide reliable shifting performance at a more affordable price point. As with any component, it's always advisable to consider reviews, compatibility, and personal preferences when selecting drivetrain parts for your bicycle.


More about LTWOO

LTWOO is a brand that specializes in manufacturing bicycle drivetrain components. They offer a range of products such as derailleurs, shifters, cassettes, and cranksets, primarily for mountain bikes and road bikes. Here are some key points about LTWOO:

  1. Drivetrain Components: LTWOO focuses on producing high-quality drivetrain components that contribute to the smooth and reliable shifting of gears on bicycles. They aim to provide durable and efficient solutions for different types of cycling.

  2. Compatibility: LTWOO components are designed to be compatible with various drivetrain systems and standards, allowing cyclists to integrate them into their existing setups or build complete drivetrains using LTWOO components.

  3. Technology and Innovation: LTWOO incorporates technological advancements and innovations into their components to improve performance, reliability, and overall user experience. They strive to stay up-to-date with industry trends and meet the evolving demands of cyclists.

  4. Pricing: LTWOO components are often positioned as a more affordable alternative to some higher-end drivetrain brands. They offer competitive pricing without compromising on performance and quality, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious cyclists.

  5. Range of Options: LTWOO provides a range of options in terms of component specifications and configurations. Cyclists can choose from different models and series to suit their specific needs, whether it's for mountain biking, road cycling, or other disciplines.

  6. Customer Support: LTWOO aims to provide good customer support and assistance. They offer resources such as manuals, installation guides, and online support to help users properly install and maintain their LTWOO drivetrain components.

As with any component or brand, it's recommended to read reviews, consider compatibility with your bike and riding style, and consult with experienced cyclists or bike shops to ensure LTWOO components are suitable for your specific requirements.


Warranty Terms:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
CT Mik
A great bike for the money

The bike rides well, easy to assemble. The gears and brakes are perfect and the paint job finished is of nicely. I have already recommended this brand to others looking to ride a carbon fiber bike at reasonable price point.

I had a minor issue, but the part was replaced with great service via WhatsApp. The sizing is exactly as stated and if you are near the limit, size down - doubt be tempted to use other's frame sizing.

I would buy this again.

Diogo A.
Very good cost-benefit

This bike is amazing! Very happy with the purchase. Lightweight, affordable, and great quality. That's all I wanted!


Very lite,tire very close to petals have to pedal with front of foot or foot will collide with tire/wheel when turning..