RS-CBR30 700c QR Carbon Wheelset for Rim Brake System
RS-CBR30 700c QR Carbon Wheelset for Rim Brake System
RS-CBR30 700c QR Carbon Wheelset for Rim Brake System
RS-CBR30 700c QR Carbon Wheelset for Rim Brake System
RS-CBR30 700c QR Carbon Wheelset for Rim Brake System

RS-CBR30 700c QR Carbon Wheelset for Rim Brake System

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Brand: RS
Include parts:
F.R Wheels + QR Lever + HQ Inner Belt
RS, Aluminum Alloy & Carbon Fiber Body, F2-R4 Sealed Bearings, Side-Pull, F16-R21 Holes, Rim  Brake & QR (F100_R130mm), High-Density Slotted-Drum Tower 8-12 Speed
Carbon fiber UD, Double Wall, Clincher, 700C*W23*H30mm, FV, with HQ Inner Belt
Pillar, ultralight, 14G, Stainless Pro, Bend-Head
Weight: A
bout 1.52KG (Pair)

Help me understand it:

Here is a breakdown of what each specification means:

It appears that you are providing additional details about the RS-UV sticker and the parts included with the wheelset. Here is a breakdown of what each specification means:

- Sticker: The RS-UV sticker is likely a branding or model name for the wheelset.
- Include parts: The wheelset comes with a front and rear wheel, quick-release (QR) levers, and a high-quality (HQ) inner belt. The inner belt is likely a protective layer that sits between the rim and the inner tube to help prevent punctures.
- Hub: The hub is made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, and has two sealed bearings in the front and four sealed bearings in the rear. The hub is designed for rim brakes and is compatible with quick-release skewers. The hub has 16 spoke holes in the front and 21 spoke holes in the rear.
- Rim: The rim is made of carbon fiber and has a UD (unidirectional) finish. The rim is double-walled and designed for use with clincher tires. The rim has a diameter of 700C, a width of 23mm, and a height of 30mm. The rim has an FV (French valve) and comes with an HQ inner belt.
- Spoke: The spokes are made by Pillar and are ultralight 14G (gauge) stainless steel with a bend-head design. The spoke gauge refers to the thickness of the spoke, with lower gauge numbers indicating thicker spokes.
- Weight: The weight of the wheelset is approximately 1.52 kilograms or 3.35 pounds.

Overall, this wheelset is a lightweight and high-performance option designed for road cycling. The carbon fiber rims and ultralight spokes help to reduce weight, while the sealed bearings and inner belts provide durability and protection. The wheelset is compatible with both rim brakes and disc brakes, depending on the type of hub that is used.


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