What kind of carbon are Twitter bike using in the frames?

on July 27, 2023
Twitter carbon bicycle is made of the highest level carbon fiber and molded by breakthrough technology. In the composite materials of TWITTER bicycle T900 composite material with the highest quality is molded by complex and precise technology, precisely cutting and classifying the carbon fiber by manual and then assembly all together by fine manual, which reaches to 60 procedures. 1200N, 100000 times without exception, the standard of the field: the application of force increased by 20%, 1400N, 147KG, 100000 times without exception. In order to be the excellent bicycle appearance, Twitter bicycle takes seamless ceramic coating surface treatment, the LOGO printed by cut color production process, then most advanced paint is used to ensure the strength and the weather ability of coating. To assemble a perfect finished product, all parts are strictly selected such as frame, transmission system, wheel sets and passed by strict type testing and field verification to ensure perfect overall portfolio each Twitter frame has a VIN so that QC can track every production steps, the professional workers will assemble and sell them all over the world.