SRAM Rival HRD (Hydraulic Road Disc)

on July 18, 2023
The SRAM HRD RIV-22S refers to the SRAM Rival HRD (Hydraulic Road Disc) groupset with a 22-speed configuration. Here's some information about the HRD RIV-22S: Derailleur Lever: The HRD RIV-22S includes the SRAM Rival HRD derailleur lever. This lever integrates the shifters and hydraulic brake levers into one unit, providing convenient control for shifting and braking. Front Derailleur: The groupset features the SRAM Rival front derailleur. This component is responsible for moving the chain between the front chainrings to change gears. Rear Derailleur: The HRD RIV-22S groupset includes the SRAM Rival rear derailleur. It controls the movement of the chain across the rear cassette to shift gears smoothly and precisely. Cranksets: The groupset comes with SRAM Rival cranksets. These cranksets are designed for efficient power transfer and typically have a gear ratio of 34-50T, providing a good range of gearing options. Cassette: The HRD RIV-22S groupset is paired with a SRAM PG1230 cassette. This cassette offers a wide range of gears with a specific gear ratio of 11-50T, enabling you to tackle various terrains and gradients. Chain: The groupset includes a SRAM SX Eagle chain. The chain is designed to provide reliable and precise shifting performance, ensuring smooth power transfer between the chainrings and cassette. Brake: The HRD RIV-22S groupset features hydraulic disc brakes. These provide powerful and consistent braking performance in various weather conditions. Overall, the SRAM HRD RIV-22S groupset is known for its dependable shifting, hydraulic disc braking, and durability. It offers a good balance between performance and affordability, making it suitable for riders looking for reliable components for road or gravel biking.