on July 18, 2023
SHIMANO TIAGRA/4700 is a specific road bike groupset model manufactured by Shimano, a leading brand in bicycle components. Here's an overview of the SHIMANO TIAGRA/4700 groupset: Front and Rear Derailleurs: The SHIMANO TIAGRA/4700 groupset includes front and rear derailleurs. These derailleurs are responsible for moving the chain between the chainrings and cassette, enabling smooth and precise gear shifting. Crankset: The TIAGRA/4700 crankset consists of the chainrings and crank arms. It is available in different options for gear ratios, allowing you to customize the range of gears according to your preferences and riding terrain. Cassette: The TIAGRA/4700 cassette is the set of rear sprockets mounted on the rear wheel hub. It offers a range of gear ratios to accommodate various cycling conditions, allowing you to shift gears to match your desired pedaling cadence. Chain: The TIAGRA/4700 groupset includes a chain that is specifically designed for use with this groupset. The chain ensures smooth and reliable power transfer between the chainrings and cassette, facilitating efficient pedaling and precise shifting. Shifters: The TIAGRA/4700 groupset features shifters that control the front and rear derailleurs. These shifters provide precise and responsive gear changes, allowing you to effortlessly shift through the available gears while riding. Brake System: The TIAGRA/4700 groupset offers both rim brake and hydraulic disc brake options. Rim brakes use calipers to grip the rim of the wheel for braking, while hydraulic disc brakes utilize hydraulic fluid to activate the brake calipers for excellent stopping power and modulation. Compatibility: The TIAGRA/4700 groupset is designed for 10-speed drivetrains, meaning it is compatible with other 10-speed components such as cassettes, chains, and shifters. It is important to ensure compatibility with other components when building or upgrading your bike. The SHIMANO TIAGRA/4700 groupset is known for providing reliable and consistent shifting performance at an affordable price point. It is often found on entry-level to mid-range road bikes, offering a good balance of performance and value for riders looking to enjoy road cycling without the higher costs associated with top-tier groupsets.