Is Twitter bike a good brand?

on July 27, 2023
The Twitter bikes have excellent design, High-quality products, perfect service, pragmatic prices, and advanced technology. Bikes are fully inspected and have quality certification as a requirement to have importation approvement for any country that has the brand distributed. They produce aluminum and carbon fiber frames, besides other parts. The Twitter bike's aluminum frames are made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, molded by exact welding after precise cutting, and then processed by the world’s top T4/T6 heat treatment technology. The carbon frames are produced with EPS-Ethyl Poly Styrene technology. The EPS technology allows frames to have a sturdy carbon fiber casing, making them durable, sturdy, and light. They have a positive strength to weight ratio, bringing strength absorption properties too, which reduces the excessive stress concentration inside the frame. This technology also includes stabilization and smoothness between the laminates in the inner layer of the frame and the joint. The finished frame has a bright and smooth appearance. Twitter bikes are set up with many Shimano, Sram, and Retrospec parts. The brand is well acquainted in East Asia where participates in many competitions. In the Americas, riders start publishing their first reviews. Wherefore, in addition to the big amount of test certification, their high-quality frame, and the huge amount of positive reviews they have received in many videos on Youtube, Twitter has used well-known bicycle components, which make us conclude that Twiter bikes are very good bicycle, have an excellent cost-benefit ratio and the experience was mostly positive by many Youtube-users testimonials. You can check by yourself some of Twitter bike's reviews at